Review of Chamomile Lemon (Sweet Meadows)

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Straight up: this is probably the best chamomile tea I've had. Chamomile is a difficult herb to either foul up or make amazing. Without some sort of enhancement, as Bill Parcells might say, "It is what it is." Numi helped by sprinkling lemon myrtle leaves into the mix.

This beverage brews up a rich golden color with more lemon aroma than flavor, and that's OK with me. I don't particularly like nor hate lemon, and do not add it to tea on purpose. Still, in some contexts it welds well with the rest of the beverage. Here it does, a flavor that knows its place is in the background, yet seems to boost to the dominant chamomile taste and aroma richly. Drinking this continues the roller-coaster ride that is their 16-bag variety collection, but in a pleasant way.

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