Review of Moroccan Mint (Formerly Simply Mint)

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The final bag in the rolling saga that is my Numi variety-pack taste run has been completed. For background, spearmint doesn't turn me on or off, but I much prefer peppermint. The Moroccan mint used here, for what it is (much closer to spearmint), tastes fresh and sweet, in a cup that brews up surprisingly dark for a mint tea. The dry bag has a few small stem pieces, but not enough that it's obvious filler—more like a sporadic byproduct of mechanical processing. The wet-bag aroma is stronger than the drink's itself, curiously. I also detected a faint hint of lime, both in the taste and in the wet-bag smell.

Overall, not bad! So even though I rated the aroma quite low (the in-cup smell is very weak and hardly minty), this is a pleasantly smooth-tasting beverage much better suited for fans of spearmint than peppermint.

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