Tea: Blood Orange

An Herbal Tea from Simple Loose Leaf

Brand:Simple Loose Leaf
Style:Herbal Tea
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Review of Blood Orange

8 of 103 of 55 of 575 of 100

I received this loose leaf tea through the company's subscription service, which I think is a wonderful value to try four different teas.

One tea I received this month was Blood Orange. The aroma greatly reminded me of the candy chocolate oranges generally seen around Christmas time. There was certainly the scent of orange, but something else that was sweeter.

The flavor is extremely rich. This is not a sweetened tea, but the flavor is very sweet. The taste is very overpowering. I generally prefer my teas very strong, but in this case I would have used much, much, much less.

While an interesting combination, the richness of the flavor really messed with me. This tea, in itself, could pass as a dessert. While I love herbal teas, this one was a little too rich and too strong for me.

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