Review of Pineapple Waikiki Black Tea

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Being a fan of pineapple as a taste, and seeing that this offering was reasonably inexpensive (for Hawaii anyway) at the Wal Mart in Kona, I figured to give it a try. While not bad, each step of the process disappointed me a bit more, leaving an impression less favorable than the potential.

Each tea bag in a standard-sized box of 20 is individually housed in its own opaque plastic wrapper. For those who keep up with such things, that's 20 pieces of plastic for your local landfill, straight off the deck. The dry-bag aroma was marvelously intense, and even the poured in-cup scent rather tantalizing. However, to badly paraphrase Engelbert Humperdinck, the smell wrote notes the taste couldn't cash. Both base-tea and pineapple flavors were noticeable, and pleasant enough, but weak, even after several minutes of a good, hot soak. The color in-cup was rather middling as well. I don't think they are using a good-quality base tea, but there's no information on the labeling as to its origins. There's also a faint but detectably bitter aftertaste that seems to appear, make a nuisance of itself, and stick around for no good reason, like your drunken Uncle Chester at the wedding reception.

If you like mild-flavored tea and pineapple, this could work well for you; but I won't be buying another box once this one is finished. In the end, those seeking this taste blend will be better off taking a stronger, richer black tea and adding pineapple juice for flavor (instead of the customary lemon or lime).

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