Review of Coconut Macadamia Herbal

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Being a big fan of that taste, this is the third coconut-flavored tea I've tried and reviewed, and the weakest of them all.

All I saw in the dry bag was rooibos, no evidence of real coconut or macadamia pieces. This steeps up like every other decent rooibos: a nice reddish color, with rooibos itself being the overwhelmingly dominant flavor. If you like a *very* mildly nutty-flavored rooibos, this will suit your tea-drinking desires. My thing is strong flavor, however, and this ain't got it.

First off, the non-rooibos flavors are there, but barely. To detect the advertised primary coconut flavor, it takes some mental effort—perhaps not as much as reciting the Gettysburg Address in Latin while bent over backward and balancing on fingertips—but still needing concentration. I suppose I can taste some of the macadamia in there too, but what does that say, given that mac nuts don't have much flavor anyway? The dry-bag, in-cup and wet-bag aromas are not too different from each other or from the faint taste. It's not a *bad* tea, and it smoothly drinkable, just too weak. If Hawaiian Islands Tea will power up this taste a good bit, perhaps with real coconut and macadamia filings in-bag to float up their essential oils, it could be a winner.

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