Review of Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea

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Reading the online description, I had a hearty belt-buckle chuckle realizing that the title contains "Moroccan" a blend from South India (green tea), U.S. Pacific Northwest (spearmint), and region not given, but not likely Morocco (lemongrass). The product itself was comped to me by the store manager after he overheard me expressing skepticism about the tea to my wife—a concern in reality related not to the brand but to the type. Since I got it for free but know the real price (still a bargain at around $2.50), I'll rate the value as "good".

The my wife said, "yeah, he's going to review it", which really got the manager (who was a cool guy anyway) telling me how I might like this tea more than most such blends. "We'll see!" As it turns out (and I promise, not the power of suggestion), I a slim margin. Spearmint is the dominant flavor and aroma here, but it doesn't totally overwhelm the South Indian green tea. I don't taste the lemongrass much, if at all, but perhaps those with a palate more tuned in to subtlety will tease out its influence. The dry-bag and wet-bag aromas both are mild but more evident than the other few teas of this type that I've had.

Overall, though I'm still not a major spearmint fan, I found this pleasant enough to drink, and will finish the box, perhaps with an occasional double-bagger in a large cup, to power up the flavor. This store brand rivals the name-brand mint greens I've tried to date.

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