Tea: Green Tea

A Green Tea from Hsin Tung Yang

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Brand:Hsin Tung Yang
Style:Green Tea
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Review of Green Tea

3 of 105 of 53 of 553 of 100

The dry leaf is flaky in appearance, meaning it is probably a steamed tea like a sencha. But the aroma is totally unlike sencha.

Brewing as I would Sencha, this comes out a cloudy grayish green, more yellowish than most Japanese teas but greener than most pan-fired teas.

This tea is packed with flavor: a rich, crisp bitterness dominates, some sourness, almost all of it pleasant though. The aroma is weaker, and is mostly deeper herbaceous tones or cooked vegetables...reminds me quite a lot of nettle tea. There's a complete absence of grassy qualities...but it's a bit perfumey and a bit like the ocean.

Interesting. But really not amazing, especially considering it was not cheap.

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