Review of Organic Hangzhou Tian Mu Qing Ding Green Tea

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Firstly, this tea is obviously VERY high quality and I could tell that right when I opened up the sample. The aroma of the dry leaf was fairly vegetal(spinach/kale) which is not what I am looking for in a tea, but the taste was much less so, especially when brewing for 2 mins instead of the 3-5 which is recommended. When brewing for 4 minutes, I did not like the tea as it was too vegetal for my taste, but when shortening the steeping time, it had a much more floral taste, and I could get at least 3 steepings, when using only 2 grams of tea. This makes the tea much cheaper than it actually seems, making it 9$ for 100g in adjusted cost, which is what I use to judge the value of a tea(I judge value not on quality of the tea/whether the price is somewhat of a rip-off but rather how much it costs vs. how good it is). I would recommend this tea as a free sample in your teavivre cart, as it is the best value out of every free sample.

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