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A Fruit Black Tea from Stash Tea

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Brand:Stash Tea
Style:Fruit Black Tea
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This tea was awful. I truly couldn't get past the artificial peach flavor. I tried mixing it with a chai tea to make it drinkable (peaches and cinnamon seem like they should go together) but somehow it made it worse. It was like drinking potpourri. Another reviewer mentioned making an iced tea with celestial seasonings in combination with this one. I may try that to use up the tea rather than throwing it out, but I will not purchase this one again.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on April 19th, 2018

I haven't tried this one, but it puzzles me how a company could mess up a peach-flavored tea. I tend to prefer pure teas myself, but I've had some very good teas with peach flavoring, like Republic of Tea's Ginger Peach, or Ahmad Tea's Peach & Passionfluit tea. I even really like Celestial Seasonings' Country Peach Passion. And among loose-leaf teas, Adagio Teas sells a peach-flavored oolong that I rather liked. It seems, to me, that the flavor of peach tends to blend well with tea.

That's sad that this tea didn't achieve these same goals!

Welcome to RateTea too by the way! I have enjoyed reading your first few reviews! I'm Alex and I run the site; feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to talk about tea!

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