Tea: Bio Jasmijn Groen

A Jasmine Tea from Het Gouden Randje - O Organic

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Brand:Het Gouden Randje
Style:Jasmine Tea
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Very powerful jasmine aroma (which is always just on the edge of agreeable for me, but that's just personal taste). Luckily the tea itself doesn't taste as sharp. Strong jasmine taste, but not too strong, a little sweet. It kind of dries the mouth, though.
The used leaves don't look too pretty; quite broken with lots of stems, but that's probaby normal for jasmine. (The same goes for the dry leaves, for that matter.)

I don't have an extremely discerning taste in flavoured teas; I just wanted a tea that tastes like jasmine and this one is plenty good for me. Decent price as always with Het Gouden Randje.

Fun anecdote: My "tip" (read: insistent asking) about Vietnamese green teas seems to have convinced the owner of the shop that I have a truly discerning taste in tea (since the Bản Liền green tea that Het Gouden Randje added to its stock is very good and now very popular). When I bought this tea, I got a free sample of an interesting Darjeeling black tea that the owner had bought for personal use; apparently it is "too expensive to offer to anyone other than connoisseurs".

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