Tea: Nandi Royal OP

A Black Tea from Upton Tea Imports

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Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Black Tea
Region:Nandi, Kenya
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An outstanding tea for a great price, but does not resteep well.

This tea surprised me; a truly artisanal tea at an amazingly low price, with the only downside being that it does not resteep well. It also resembled a Darjeeling more than any other African-sourced tea I've ever tried. Kenya keeps producing remarkable teas and this is yet another. This tea reminds me a lot of the Royal Tajiri Tea, one of my favorite teas I ever sampled, and I wonder if it is from the same operation or growing tradition.

Dry leaf has a beautiful smell, soft, pleasant herbaceous notes, smells sweet and mellow, and notes of wintergreen; I can tell I'm going to like this one. It also looks pretty; Upton's photo doesn't do it justice.

The brewed cup is delightfully sweet, tasting like honey has been added even though I added nothing. When brewed strongly, there is also a noticeable umami or savory note. Aroma is vegetal and floral Darjeeling-like in character. Notes of wintergreen, olives. The aroma is complex. Leaves a clean, but slightly tingling sensation on the palat. I find this is softer and smoother than most Darjeelings. Seems fairly strongly caffeinated; I would not drink this one too late in the day.

When I look at the spent leaves, after brewing, there is a bit of greenish color in the leaves; it looks a lot like a Darjeeling second flush.

The tea disappointed me in the second steep; it's surprisingly bland and I didn't really enjoy it, even using a very long steep. I preferred making only one steep, of 5 minutes.

Even given that it doesn't resteep well, this is a really great deal. I normally would expect to pay twice as much for a tea of this quality. I'm eager to try the higher grade version of this tea, which I also ordered a sample of.

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