Review of China Special Snow Dragon Green Tea

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A pleasant green tea with a smooth, mild flavor that tasted a lot better when brewed more strongly. Easy to drink and I'd imagine this would appeal to a broad audience, with perhaps an exception for people who think green tea is bland or weak, because this was on the milder side.

Thank you to Simpson & Vail for the sample!

The leaf is beautiful, with a subtle, sweet fragrance that makes me rather eager to try it. Hints of toasty and nutty notes.

Upon steeping, equally subtle. Aroma has soft, sweet, creamy notes hinting at vanilla and flowers. Mouthfeel soft and smooth but with enough body to make it satisfying to drink. Flavor is sweet and slightly savory, with little bitterness or sourness. This is one tea where I think using a lower-temperature water for brewing is important; although the flavor was still mild, there were some off notes in the aroma when I brewed with hotter water.

Resteeps well, if you use enough leaf. Because of the mild flavor, I strongly preferred either using more leaf than I normally would (nearly 2 teaspoons; the leaf is a little loosely packed) or making a single, very long steep (12-15 min.) It is hard to make this tea taste too strong.

This tea seemed expensive to me, especially considered how much leaf I needed to get it strong enough to suit me, but I think this tea has the quality to back up this price. I personally prefer some of the more inexpensive Chinese green teas, because I like the sharper, brisk qualities they have, but people who value smoother teas may find this more worthwhile.

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