Review of Rukeri Estate Rwanda BOP Organic

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This was a remarkably good tea for a low price: a strong black tea that was still quite smooth and had great aromatic complexity and depth. One of the best broken-leaf teas I've ever tried.

The dry leaf smells amazing! It's a sort of sweet bready smell with toasty notes and a hint of wintergreen. It made me excited to brew this!

The brewed cup is strong tasting, both flavorful and aromatic. Fresh and brisk. It tastes a little bit like a typical Ceylon tea, but there are some interesting aromatic notes that remind me of some of the best African teas I've tried, as well as the teas I've been trying from Colombia.

Very pleasant to drink.

Resteeps well; the resteep is full-bodied but more muted, like the edge has been taken off. I like a 3 minute first steep and then a very long (12+ min) second steep...the cup doesn't get too bitter as a lot of the bitterness comes out into that first cup.

Great price, $6.50 for 125 grams; a steal for a tea of this quality. I have tried few teas from Rwanda but I am beginning to become convinced that the tea industry here really has something going for it. I highly recommend trying this out, especially if you like strong black teas.

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