Review of House Blend Oolong

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This is a blend of Gui Fei and Jade oolongs, since the website doesn't make that clear. It has a very floral aroma, as expected. The first cup is clean with a honey-like sweetness, but it's more aromatic than flavorful. The second cup is more interesting: mild stone fruit notes appear, and the mouthfeel is thicker compared to the first cup. There's also a very slight citrusy acidity in the finish that I didn't notice before, as well as a subtle menthol coolness that gives it a very refreshing quality. It can be resteeped again a couple times before the flavor starts to fade. It's not at all fussy about brew times. As an experiment, I brewed it for a half hour once, and it was only slightly astringent and had a nice, sweet flavor.

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