Review of Wild Raspberry Hibiscus Herbal Tea

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This tea's flavor is more complex than the other raspberry-flavored teas that I've been trying lately. No one ingredient overpowers the flavor. It's quite tart, but it doesn't have the astringency that other hibiscus and rosehip blends do. The raspberry is noticeable when smelling the cup, but fades into the background a bit when drinking. The lemongrass is more noticeable in the finish. The tea's flavor intensifies as it cools, so this tea is much better lukewarm than hot.

Stash is a bit more expensive then either the Bigelow Red Raspberry or Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger that I bought at the same time, but Stash tastes of higher-quality ingredients. Bigelow is mostly hibiscus and rosehips, while Celestial Seasonings relies too heavily on the added raspberry flavor. This tea has a more interesting blend of flavors.

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