Tea: Oolong Tea

An Oolong Tea from Wei-Chuan

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The standard tea bags are filled with chopped up tea. The heavily-roasted aroma is quite strong.

Oddly, the brewed tea isn't as aromatic as the dry tea bags. It's nice, but there's no complexity. It smells like tea that has already been steeped once.

The tea definitely tastes roasted. It's smooth and easy to drink, but not very complex. It tastes like (and maybe is) the oolong that inexpensive Chinese restaurants serve. As the tea cools, the flavor becomes a bit more harsh. There's bitterness that isn't particularly strong, but isn't pleasant, either. Definitely finish this while it's hot.

The Asian grocery store where I bought this sells boxes of 25 tea bags for $.99 or 100 for $3.49. It's cheap and tastes like it. If you're at a store that stocks this, it almost certainly has better tea as well.

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