Tea: PG Tips Pyramid bags

A Black Tea from PG Tips

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Brand:PG Tips
Style:Black Tea
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Review of PG Tips Pyramid bags

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These teabags seem to be meant for more than one cup. The tea brews very rapidly and is very strong. It wasn't terribly complex; it had a muted quality...very bitter aftertaste but initial taste was a bit smoother. Very tannic; do not let this steep too long; a very brief (1 min.) infusion I find is best. Even then I find this tea much too astringent relative to the lack of complexity in the aroma.

Still, this is a considerable step up from most of the mainstream American brands of straight black tea available in teabags. In the states, though, PG Tips tends to be pricey, and in my opinion, is not worth the premium--for that price you could just buy much better loose tea.

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