Tea: Smaragdine Green Tea

A Green Tea from Tradition

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Style:Green Tea
Region:Taiwan / Formosa
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Tradition's "Smaragdine" (which just means "emerald-like") green tea is a longjing (dragon well) style tea from Taiwan. The sachets hold just under three grams of full-leaf tea that has some tips.

Like most green teas, it benefits from cooler water (165°) and shorter steeping times. The review is based on four minutes, but I like a distinct bitterness to my green tea.

The tea tastes like a medium-quality longjing. It's fresh with a faint fruitiness and has a distinct crisp bitterness on the sides of the tongue. When the tea cools, the flavor fades a bit, making this tea best while still hot. While the flavor is bright, clean and pleasant, this tea also displays very little of the sweetness that comes through with higher-quality green tea.

I bought this tea for under six dollars for a resealable bag of 40 loose sachets. At less than fifteen cents a cup, this tea's a steal.

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