Tea: Salted Caramel Mate

A Miscellaneous Blend from Stash Tea

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Brand:Stash Tea
Style:Miscellaneous Blend
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Review of Salted Caramel Mate

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I'm not really an impartial reviewer when it comes to salted caramel... anything, unfortunately. I've never found anything that is salted caramel flavor I liked, they always are either way too salty or like drinking caramel... neither of which do I find appealing. However, I received a sample of the Stash Salted Caramel Mate tea and figured the least I could do was give it a shot. While I did manage to drink the whole cup, I can honestly say it was far from a pleasant cup of tea (for me). Thankfully, it wasn't overly salty like so many are, but it did buck the trend in another way... it was annoyingly weak! I think I actually would have preferred it being too strong because, as it was, it was like drinking dirty water. Worst tea from Stash yet.

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