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An Assam from Mana Organics - O Organic

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Brand:Mana Organics
Region:Tinsukia, Assam, India
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The flavor of this tea reminded me of something from my first sip, but what eluded me for quite a while. It wasn't until I actually sat down and read the official description that I finally figured out what it was. The Mana Organics website indicates that it is "a blend of malt and sweet." This description couldn't be more accurate. Back when I used to drink, I briefly experimented with home-brewing. It is from this experience that I was introduced to the flavor that this tea is reminiscent of. Indeed, the flavor is distinctly reminiscent of a sweet malt beer.

The official description also indicates that the aroma is of "dates, almonds and parsley." I can't say I smell almonds, but I do detect a bit of the promised dates and parsley. Personally, I find that the aroma and flavor clash a bit, but that could just be me. To be honest, I'd actually prefer to taste the dates but, alas, they're noticeably missing from this blend. I can appreciate the flavor of this tea, but can't quite bring myself to like it. If I wanted malt, I'd drink a beer.

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