Tea: Pineapple Blues

A Miscellaneous Blend from Good Earth Teas

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Brand:Good Earth Teas
Style:Miscellaneous Blend
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I'm going to call this a "temporary" review. While I'm going to endeavor to be accurate, I actually drank this tea while in the middle of a VERY long work day, and forgot to do the review on the spot. As such, I'm reviewing based on a memory from almost a day ago. The likelihood is that I will be updating this review once I order more (which I will definitely be doing). However, I wanted to get something written down so I don't forget that I actually liked this tea!

Good Earth has been consistently surprising me in terms of the quality and flavors of their teas. Out of the six teas that I've tried from them, four I'm certain I will buy again. This tea was one of those four.

It has a distinctly pineapple aroma, which I found wonderful. I love pineapple, but fresh pineapple doesn't love me... I tend to get pretty severe heartburn after eating it. The official description of Pineapple Blues indicates it contains pineapple, elderberry, lemongrass, hibiscus and blueberry, though the name and logo indicate that the predominant flavors are pineapple and blueberry. I would tend to agree.

The pineapple and blueberry that make up the majority of the obvious flavor are well blended, and work wonderfully for someone like me who loves those two flavors. All in all, as I previously indicated, I will likely expand on this review at a later date, but I will definitely be purchasing this tea again.

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