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This is my third consecutive "no bueno" on trying a new peppermint tea. It's about time to return to some old standbys, in order to re-familiarize with what peppermint should be!

The dry-leaf photo from their website is a little misleading, in that the sachet contained considerably more stem pieces—some quite large and prominent, evidence either of a lack of human quality control or deliberate fluffing with filler material. The site claims, "So light and airy, we can only pack 2oz in our 3oz tin," but that's nothing about which to brag! Roughly 20–25% of the leaves were brown instead of green as well, considerably more than in the same photo. The mint aroma, both dry-leaf and in-cup, was some of the weakest I've had in any peppermint tea. The flavor, unsurprisingly, also was weak, albeit smooth and a little fruity, like Juicy Fruit gum (how????), but far less minty than expected for the amount of material in the sachet.

Perhaps this should be advertised as something else, but what? It also tasted as if it had been sitting around for some time. I got this tea at a hotel in Vermont, about 15 miles from the corporate base in Waterbury, so it should have been fresher. Folks ordering this tea, influenced by the company's hip-sounding name, could be setting themselves up for disappointment.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on November 12th, 2018

This is surprising, and sad. I've grown and dried peppermint tea before, and it is neither hard to grow nor to dry. The problem I have with peppermint is that it tends to be so strong that the smell totally overwhelms anything you blend it with, sometimes even anything you store it next to.

With respect to freshness, I've seen more companies printing expiration dates on their packaging these days. It's a best practice and I recommend all companies to do it: it prevents things like this from happening, that is, if the lack of freshness is just a function of time.

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