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A Flavored White Tea from Allegro - O Organic

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Realizing white tea isn't supposed to be particularly intense, from what I've read here regarding its "delicate" flavor, and that any attempt to flavor it must be careful so as to avoid overwhelming the base tea, I went in to the consumption undertaking not expecting to be blasted through the roof by an explosion of potency. My lack of expectation was met.

The dry-bag and in-cup scents were faintly fruity, nice, sweet, but seemed rather distant. I could pick up the scent of the base tea, so give Allegro credit for accomplishing that objective, given the "delicate" nature of the product at hand. The taste was akin to a diluted, tea-flavored fruit punch—unsurprising given the natural passionfruit, guava and coconut flavorings on the ingredients list. I did notice some low-grade astringency also. Mild aroma, mild taste, mild aftertaste...if you like a pleasantly mild and unassuming fruit-flavored tea, this may be a more appealing product for you than it was for me.

While generally appealing in taste, I had to put two bags in a cup to get a more-palatable robustness, including swishing them around for a good, long time. That perked up the brew and made a more full-bodied, normal (for me) flavored-tea experience. It becomes a good tea then, but cuts the "value" score when one needs two bags.

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