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About Allegro

Allegro Fine Tea, sometimes just written Allegro Tea, is a brand of tea, associated with Allegro Coffee. Allegro was founded in 1977 as a coffee company, and is based in Colorado. The company has never focused on tea, but it does have its own line of teas, which includes a modest selection of loose-leaf teas as well as tea bags, including both pure and flavored teas.

Many of Allegro's teas are organic certified, and some are fair-trade certified as well. In addition, a few of their teas are certified through the whole trade guarantee run by Whole Foods.

The company has an online store, but there are additional teas available for sale through Amazon that are not listed on the official company website.

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60 / 100

Organic Herbal Chai

Style: Rooibos / Tea Blend – Region: ?????
Dec. 16th, 2020

Prep: 1.5tsp per 8oz, 200F, 5min
Aroma: Quite nutty with some vanilla and cinnamon notes. I’d venture to say that the majority of the aroma is from the base Rooibos and less on the added herbal pieces.

Flavor: Extremely mild. I’m not sure if an extended steep would help here but there isn’t a ton going on. A...

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72 / 100

Coconut Mate

Style: Yerba Maté – Region: South Africa
Dec. 4th, 2020

Aroma really has a creamy coconut note.
Flavor isn’t overly complex but hits the coconut note well. Body is fairly thick.

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Tchuggin' Okie
(379 reviews)
73 / 100
Picture of Peaceful Slumber

Peaceful Slumber

Style: Chamomile Blend – Region: Blend
Jan. 9th, 2019

Uncommonly in my admittedly limited tea-drinking experience, this was the second different bagged chamomile blend (as opposed to pure chamomile) from the same company—the first being "Relaxing Chamomile". This tea is decidedly chamomile-dominant in dry-bag, in-cup and wet-bag aromas, and despite not having the word...

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81 / 100
Picture of Relaxing Chamomile

Relaxing Chamomile

Style: Chamomile Blend – Region: Blend
Dec. 25th, 2018

Until "Relaxing Chamomile", I hadn't chugged a chamomile tea with this many ingredients: at least seven. I say, "at least", because after chamomile, hawthorne berry, eleuthero, rose petals, natural blood orange flavor, and natural vanilla flavor, the final ingredient was, "other natural flavors", whatever that means....

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66 / 100
Picture of Northwest Minty Green

Northwest Minty Green

Style: Green Tea with Mint – Region: Blend
Nov. 26th, 2018

Here's the next entry in the dossier of Allegro teas obtained at one of our Colorado vacation stops. This is one of the few that I would consider ordering on its own merit...that is, if I weren't already dropping bags of inexpensive peppermint tea in with good green tea on occasion, to accomplish much the same result....

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