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An English Breakfast from Chado High Tea

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Brand:Chado High Tea
Style:English Breakfast
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For a food-service tea, this seemed slightly above average...I've had worse, but wouldn't seek it out for home consumption. This is one that, if you spot it in a motel or (as I did) receive it as "hot tea" in a breakfast cafe off I-70 in Kansas, can be consumed safely and without obvious problems. I realize that's not a ringing endorsement. As Bill Parcells might say, "It is what it is."

As usual, I procured an extra packaged bag to take home and try in my own water. Unfortunately I ripped it open before realizing there are no photos of the tea on its website, so I apologize for the tear marks on the packaging in the photo.

The aromas (dry bag, in cup, wet bag) were weak all around. Upon pouring, the liquid got dark fast, probably because the leaves are very finely chopped in the bag. The flavor was even, reasonably strong, straight tea with no obvious notes or hints I could detect, and also more bitter than other English Breakfasts I've had. Aftertaste disappears rather quickly, for better or worse.

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