Tea: Well Rested Herbal Tea (Formerly Bed Time Tea)

An Herbal Tea from Trader Joe's

Picture of Well Rested Herbal Tea (Formerly Bed Time Tea)
Brand:Trader Joe's
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Well Rested Herbal Tea (Formerly Bed Time Tea)

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The title says that the herbal tea is well rested. Therefore I hope it conveys some of that placid nature to me as well. ;-)

In the meantime before bedtime, I did the usual dry-bag and in-cup sniffing prior to first chug, and generally was pleased at the result. While not intense, it was stronger and more balanced than most herbal teas, including those of the "Sleepytime" ilk. I best can describe the smell as a mildly spicy spearmint/peppermint/chamomile blend. The wet-bag aroma loses a good deal of mint (probably in the form of the thin film of essential oils seen floating on the tea), and becomes a little more chamomile-dominant, but is weaker overall.

In the cup, the "well rested" tea woke up and announced itself well. This is one of the smoother, more expertly blended bagged herbal teas I've had. The taste bore less of a hint of spiciness than the aromas, but was more fruity, probably from the lemongrass, blackberry leaves and orange blossoms in the ingredients list. The flavors play nicely together. It was hard to pick out a dominant ingredient while drinking, even as I could detect chamomile fairly readily, and mint won first place in the aftertaste race. Nothing about the flavor was a turn-off in any way, and the sum of the parts was a somewhat creamy, very easy drink that wasn't weak on taste. I won't regret using up the rest of this box, and might put this at the top of my "bedtime herbal" roster.

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