Review of Vanilla Creme Earl Grey

4 of 101 of 52 of 533 of 100

appearance: a standard looking black tea with bits of blue and white plant matter mixed in ["we added bits of vanilla bean and sunflower petals"].

aroma: strong, citrus, sweet. predominantly lemon-like rather than the more orange-like smell of bergamot that i'm accustomed to. vanilla note also present.

flavor: just like its aroma. dominated by a lemon-like flavor with the taste of vanilla also present.

overall: i was very disappointed with this tea. i was hoping for an earl grey smoothed by a hint of creamy vanilla, and this just did not deliver. this is very much a desert tea. it should be marketed as 'lemon-vanilla dessert blend' in my opinion. that would be a very appropriate description for it, and had it been presented to me as such, i would have rated it higher. many people would probably like this tea, but it is certainly not an earl grey.

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