Tea: Earl Greater Grey

An Earl Grey Tea from Zhena's Gypsy Tea - O Organic - F Fair Trade

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Earl Greater Grey
Brand:Zhena's Gypsy Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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Review of Earl Greater Grey

8 of 104 of 52 of 573 of 100

note: the tea i'm reviewing is labeled as 'uplifting earl grey.' i am assuming that they've recently changed the name to 'earl greater grey.' when i see the new version around, i'll give it a try. i'll update this review if the new version is a different product.

aroma: strong, pungent, citrus. they have infused the tea with a proper amount of bergamot oil.

flavor: it has more bergamot flavor than many other earl greys i've tried, but it's not overpowering.

this is currently my favorite earl grey. it's the standard i use for comparison. if you see it in the grocery store, pick some up.

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