Review of Raspberry Zinger Herbal Tea

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This tea smells pretty good and fruity, it doesn’t smell artificial like some fruit teas do. Unfortunately the taste just isn’t doing it for me though. I wouldn’t say it’s terrible, it’s just a bit too sour for my taste and it also leaves a weird sensation in my throat after drinking it (sort of an astringent feeling but weirder and I don’t know why). If you really like sour flavors you might actually really enjoy it though! The ingredients are all natural and there is no artificial sweeteners which is a plus. Personally, I like the black cherry berry tea from this same brand much better as it is also very fruity and not too sweet, but it is not as sour as and doesn’t have that weird astringent aftertaste. The black cherry also has a more complex flavor too in my opinion, whereas this one lacks depth and the sourness overwhelms the flavor.

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