Tea: Turmeric Amber Sun

A Miscellaneous Blend from Numi Organic Tea - O Organic

Picture of Turmeric Amber Sun
Brand:Numi Organic Tea
Style:Miscellaneous Blend
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Turmeric Amber Sun

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I'm not super crazy about the aroma of this tea, it has that weird turmeric smell. But the smell is very mild and it's really the taste that matters most. I've never had a turmeric tea before, but this one tastes pretty good to me. It is rich and smooth and has a unique flavor from the turmeric. If you've had turmeric before you'd know what flavor I'm talking about. I also taste the rooibos in the tea which is really nice. I was skeptical about turmeric tasting good in a tea but it's actually really good and the flavors are balanced and pleasant. To my surprise this was really good and one of my favorite teas now!

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