Tea: Earl Grey Green Tea

An Earl Grey Green Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Earl Grey Green Tea
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Review of Earl Grey Green Tea

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After trying the green tea version of Constant Comment and liking it, I'm really disappointed in the green Earl Grey. The bergamot flavoring is much lighter than in Bigelow's black tea Earl Grey, presumably to let the flavor of the green tea through, such as it is. The very light flavor of the base tea coupled with less bergamot makes for one of the most flavorless teas I've had, let alone of Earl Greys. It really just ends up tasting like the cheapest Chinese green tea bags that are ubiquitous in Asian grocery stores.

If you like green tea, there's better green tea. If you like Earl Grey, there's better Earl Grey. Even Bigelow's own black tea Earl Grey, which I enjoy and drink quite often, is much better.

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