Review of Devonshire English Breakfast Black Tea

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"Devonshire" has one of the most full-bodied dry-bag aromas I've gotten from a breakfast tea, and unusually, it nearly matches the flavor for intensity. I detected virtually no difference between dry-bag scent, in-cup scent, and taste, the latter likewise being straightforwardly well-constructed within a nice, dark brew. It sweetens very well, and doesn't have as much flavor bitterness as a lot of breakfast blends I've tried. Watch for the aftertaste, however, which did grow noticeably more bitter than the tea itself.

Overall, this was a fairly rich, robust, satisfying tea, plain and unpretentious. Since I'm not offput by a lack of delicate nuances anyway, that isn't a big deal. Connoisseurs of finer tea might give it a lower rating, but especially for a bagged black tea, I found it worth the sale price paid.

A note on the packaging/marketing: this appears to be the same tea as their "English Breakfast" (without "Devonshire") sold in Keurig K-Cups, based on the product descriptions, package coloring/design, and a taste of the Keurig version that I got from somebody at work (very much like the bagged stuff).

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