Tea: Chamomile Herbal Tea

A Pure Chamomile Tea from Chado High Tea

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Brand:Chado High Tea
Style:Pure Chamomile Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Here's another food-service tea obtained somewhere (can't recall which) in a string of hotels and diners up and down the High Plains.

Mostly I expect chamomile to be the same basic flavor; differences in my evaluations of it on this site mostly relate to intensity of that. Yet for any chamomile tea, but especially for a food-service offering, the scents and taste of the Chado High Tea version took interesting forms outside just chamomile. I'm not used to that, but the experience was pleasant in the net, and the base chamomile certainly dominated.

This beverage first poured a typical golden color, darkening to tan-brown as steeping time passed. Unlike a lot of teas in general, and chamomile in particular, I did detect passing whiffs of other stuff in this one: grass and sweetened tobacco in particular, though neither was strong enough to be more than "Did I really smell/taste that?" curiosity. One surprising element I noticed was a chocolate tinge—faintly noticeable in the dry-bag smell, more so in the in-cup and wet-bag scents, and slightly more still in the taste. If I had to assign a percentage, it would be 5-10%. The chocolate veneer was persistent sip to sip, and even in aftertaste. I wondered if it is an "unlabeled" ingredient, or processed in a facility near chocolate, and the aroma soaks into the leaves, akin to how smell and taste of jasmine flowers gets into green teas. It reinforced a notion I've had since reviewing a chamomile blend tea that chocolate and chamomile could play nice together, if given the opportunity.

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