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A Green Tea from Lipton Tea

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Style:Green Tea
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This is the second tea I’ve tried that mixes a green tea with matcha powder in a teabag. It wasn’t bad! I enjoyed my second test more than my first. Like the Celestial Seasonings offering that mixes green tea with matcha powder, this tea is better than the average bagged cheap green tea I’ve tried, as it increases the creaminess and complexity — but it won’t substitute for someone craving straight matcha. I could see this as a nice tea to have on hand at work for quick, easy tea and to share with folks.

I’m going to try this tea and the other similar ones again to double-check their relative ratings reflect my preference.

Though the packaging makes this tea look like it comes in sachets, they are actually small bags made of the usual teabag material: the fine mesh used to hold fannings—not the wider, looser netting I usually see with actual sachets and that usually hold unbroken tea. It is probably allows a bit more movement than non-pyramidal shaped bags, but it’s not the size I associate with sachets. Though the packaging doesn’t actually say sachets are used, I feel the packaging picture is a bit misleading to people who are familiar with tea because it will lead them to believe the bags will be bigger and higher quality than they are.

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