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The only difference I've detected between this product and regular Sleepytime is the addition of valerian root to the ingredients list, and a caution on the side of the box about not driving or operating machinery after using, as if this is some herbal-tea version of Ambien or Sominex. Of course, it's not. I'm writing this an hour after polishing off a cup, two hours after working an all-night shift, and notice no difference in cognition or sleepiness than usual for this stage of my (admittedly backwards) circadian cycle. For me this is merely a relaxing tea, not outstanding, but pleasant, and in the last cup a few days ago, I noticed no substantial difference in its effect on me before bedtime or while sleeping.

I feel a tad dirty about self-plagiarizing, but since the tea looks, smells, and tastes the same as Sleepytime to me, what I said there is valid here: "The main impediment to a higher score is the mildness of the flavor. It could use a couple notches more potency. I have to steep this to death and stir the bag 'round-n-'round for several minutes to pull out enough flavor to appreciate. But once there, the taste is rather pleasant and friendly."

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