Tea: Star Anise Tea (Chinese)

An Herbal Tea from Badia

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Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Star Anise Tea (Chinese)

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Aroma spicey, astonishingly complex for only having one ingredient...the aroma reminds me of many Chinese stores as this spice is commonly used in Chinese food and has a way of permeating things (in a pleasant way). Like western anise (licorice-like) but with a woody quality absent from that spice, and more of a fresh, light quality as well, almost suggesting of coriander. Also has a bread-like or cookie-like quality. Very full-bodied.

Flavor is sweet with a hint of sourness. This tea drinks like a dessert...smooth, sweet, rich, and pleasing. I think adding a few other spices to this drink might be fun, but it stands on its own quite well too.

Very inexpensive...I continue to be highly impressed with both the value and overall quality Badia's herbal offerings.

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