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A Black Tea from TeaSource

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Style:Black Tea
Region:Guangxi, China
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TeaSource describes this tea as unusual, and I agree, and not just how it looks, and its origin (only my second tea I've ever tried from Guangxi) but also its flavor and aroma! I really loved this one and I found it easy to drink and enjoy.

The leaf is only lightly aromatic but the smell is very pleasant.

Upon steeping, the leaves slowly unfurl, producing a moderately dark cup that is more aromatic than the dry leaf. I see the description of caramel notes in the aroma, but I don't really like caramel so I wouldn't choose theses words to describe it. I find this tea really hard to describe though. It's sort of fresh and light, more crisp than most Chinese teas.

The flavor and mouthfeel is also very interesting. There's a little bite up-front, and the sip is initially very smooth, but then there's a sort of edgy astringency and bitterness in the finish, which I find invigorating. I really think the mouthfeel is the most interesting part of this tea because it's so unusual, how it changes through the sip.

This tea resteeps very well. I recommend a longer steeping. I liked going 4-5 minutes on the first steep, and using a bit more leaf than I normally would. This tea tastes good when brewed mildly, but is more interesting and comes alive more when brewed strongly.

I also liked the way I felt after drinking it. It seems fairly caffeinated but it also very calming.

The price, at $12 for 4 ounces, is great. It's hard to find teas of this quality and novelty in this price range! Yet another impressive tea from TeaSource.

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