Review of Organic Chamomile with Lavender

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Directions say, "2 tea bags in a cup". While I appreciate the manufacturer's forthrightness in admitting one bag isn't enough to fill out the flavor, I also must ask, why, especially as expensive as a standard box is to start? How about simply dosing one bag with the full recommended pile of plant material instead? I'm therefore deliberately rejecting the doubling premise and reviewing a one-bag cup, since that's how the gigantically overwhelming majority of other bagged teas in the known universe are consumed (and reviewed here).

Flavor-wise, one bag is somewhat mild and diluted, but enough taste is there (especially with long steeping time, say, 8-10 minutes) that Traditional Medicinals can pack about 1.5 times the material instead of 2x, then recommend a long brew instead of more bags. In turn, most customers of this sort of blend should be satisfied if willing to pay full price up front. The flavor, as it was, struck a fair balance between lavender and chamomile, though I'm not sure what lemon-balm leaf contributes (body? not lemon flavor that I could tell).

The dry-bag aroma, and to a lesser extent wet-bag and in-cup, reminded me a good deal of another floral chamomile blend: Revolution's "Golden Chamomile". This tea just smelled like a weaker version, despite T.M.'s swapping lavender for Revolution's use of marigold petals and peppermint. I'd like this blend better with kinder pricing per cup; as it stands, the cost/benefit ratio just isn't there. Fortunately I got this steeply discounted off regular price.

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