Review of Tangerine Orange Zinger Herbal Tea

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This member of CS' "Zinger" line has resided in the tea section of our pantry for a long time, occasionally brewed and chugged, and I just realized this morning that I haven't reviewed it yet. Therefore, this is that.

When I think of orange-flavored herbal teas, the first that comes to mind for me is Tazo's "Wild Sweet Orange", which is stronger (and should be stronger still) but too tart. Despite having the same baseline ingredients as the other CS Zingers (hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel, hawthorn), this one struck me as not very tart at all, which is a plus, but also, weaker and nearly as much "herbal" as "orange" in flavor and all scents. It is mellow and pleasant, but could stand about 50% more of everything in the bag. Maybe if I dropped one bag each of both brands in one big cup at the same time, I'd have closer to the perfect orange-flavored herbal.

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