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Brand:Yorkshire Tea
Style:Black Tea
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Yorkshire is a basic, moderately strong, reasonably tasty, unassuming black-tea blend—nothing special, but still just bold enough to sneak into the upper 40th percentile of bagged black teas I've had.

The dry-bag aroma and in-cup smell and taste can be described the same way: plain, short on standout notes or character, but with a flavor quite stronger than the aromas. Leaves are chopped finely in-bag, and the cup brews up dark, quickly. The taste did change with time during each sip, starting out somewhat astringent and turning bitter, then staying mostly bitter throughout a rather lengthy aftertaste. Despite the noticeable bitterness in the end, it was also sweeter overall than many straight black teas. I found this to be remarkably similar to Farmer Brothers black tea, a food-service product commonly found in hotels and motels here in the U.S. Similarly, I'll assess it as a good deal better than most food-service teas or Lipton, but a distinct step down from the best bagged black teas (like several Murchie's offerings).

I scaled "value" down some, since most of the in-store boxes I've seen have been markedly costlier than comparable bagged black teas (such as Bigelow English Breakfast or Farmer Bros.). Perhaps the value is better in jolly ol' England, where this blend apparently has a jolly ol' following, without the "imported specialty" markup.

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