Tea: Sweet Ginger Peach

A Flavored Black Tea from Revolution Tea

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Brand:Revolution Tea
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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This blend has some potential, but is far from my favorite flavored black tea. The first and biggest turnoff was the dry-bag aroma, which reminded me of cheap incense—specifically, the sort employed to smoke-bomb a room fast, in order to mask pot usage. This is the second tea that has given off that cheap-incense vibe for me, and it's a sensation that I couldn't totally conquer through the rest of the consumption experience.

Fortunately, the best part is the in-cup flavor, which is a discernible peach/ginger mix, fairly good upfront, but yet, still somewhat reminds of that incense, as the aroma aspect of the flavor winds its way up through the nasal backdoor. The wet bag had more tea smell in it, more-obvious ginger, and not much peach, but still, that faint incense reminder.

I haven't had any other peach+ginger teas yet, so I can't say whether it's a peculiarity just to Revolution's version, or to the flavor combination itself. Yet I do like quality straight peach teas very much (they always remind me of breezy summers in the shade, sipping peach iced tea on a relative's covered Texas Hill Country porch). Ginger, while not high on my flavor list, is at least marginally enjoyable in some tea contexts, as I've reviewed here before. So I'll await the opportunity to try a different peach/ginger tea to determine if the problem is Revolution's blending, or just me. ;-)

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