Review of Organic Jinhao Golden Tip Black Tea

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I love this tea. I don't often purchase larger quantities of tea without trying it first, but this was on sale around Thanksgiving and I decided to give 50g a try. The leaves were nice and large. I wasn't surprised when I saw that this came from a Bai Hao tree, as the large leaves reminded me a bit of TeaVivre's Bai Hao White Downy Green Tea. The scent is roasted, toasty, and citrusy. The fruity notes make sense because the green tea from this tree is very fruity. The roasted, toasty notes were different and delicious. Combined with the citrusy note, it edged on something like sweet potatoes. The taste was roasted, toasty, and citrusy and edged on sweet potatoes. The citrus note was the most enduring and most prominent. The wet leaves and gaiwan smelled of something like sweet potatoes. This tea had more presence than the Organic Hong Songzhen (Pine Needle) Black Tea, which was also citrusy, but didn't have much of a roasted/toasty note, nor a sweet potato note. I really enjoyed this tea and had consistently good results when brewing it with the Eastern method. I'd definitely recommend it.

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