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A Flavored Rooibos from Republic of Tea

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Brand:Republic of Tea
Style:Flavored Rooibos
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Chocolate and peppermint are two of my favorite flavors in all this mighty land. As such, I'm a major sucker for trying such teas, even expensive ones like this or Harney & Sons. So I grabbed a tin* of the R of T version at a local World Market, as a minor Christmas present to myself.

The dry-bag and wet-bag aromas are a little more peppermint than chocolate, while the flavor is decidedly chocolate-heavy, with mild mint. In all modes, the rooibos is almost entirely masked, so it just serves as ballast for the good stuff. Overall, this is a tasty and satisfying tea for those of us who love chocolate and mint, but two factors keep me from assigning a higher flavor and value rating, respectively:

1. It easily could be richer and stronger still, with little or no need for the added flavorings of mint and chocolate seen on the ingredient list. Here's how. R of T is skimping on the good stuff. The small, round pouches are only about 1/4 filled when dry, and only 1/2–2/3 filled when thoroughly soaked. There's easily enough room here for 1/3 more material to boost the flavor power. For the additional material, I suggest a 50/50 peppermint-leaf/cocoa-kernel ratio, with no more of the rest (no extra carob, rooibos nor blackberry leaves). In other words, leave the amount of the ballast as-is, and just boost the peppermint and cocoa content to fill out the wet bag. Voila! More peppermint and chocolate, as advertised.
2. This product is pricey: $11–$13 in-store and online for 36 pouches that, given the small amount of material in each, are likely single-use. Despite my affinity for the beverage, I likely won't be getting more unless it's a) on sale, b) more bags are put in each tin, and/or c) more of the good stuff is put in each bag.

*NOTE: As of late 2019, this tea is available in two different-looking 36-ct tins: the "brown label" Cuppa Chocolate Tea® wrapper shown in the main photo here, and a "green label" Cup of Merry Mint wrapper (the second photo). On the website, it also comes in a 36-ct Cuppa Chocolate Tea® resealable sack.

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