Review of Upton South Street Breakfast Blend

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This is a new entry in Upton's growing list of breakfast blends; it was created as on of their 30th anniversary specials. It is not as robust or malty as some breakfast blends, but not extra mild either - it falls somewhere in the middle. This has a little nip to it. The price is a little high.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on March 1st, 2020

I know this isn't the most positive review, but this one kind of fascinates me because I have loved the Colombian black teas I've tried, both from Upton and other sellers, including Simpson & Vail and other companies. I have yet to see them included in any blends.

I suspect the higher price may be due to the presence of these teas, which are not cheap. They may be best suited for drinking on their own, as they are a bit on the more delicate side. Still, this one makes me curious enough that I might order a sample next time I order from Upton!

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