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A Fruit Green Tea from Revolution Tea

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Brand:Revolution Tea
Style:Fruit Green Tea
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Here was the last in a series of Revolution teas I've finished from a variety pack, and it was slightly above average, overall. The aromas and flavors are quite similar, across-the-board, from dry bag to cup to wet bag. The aroma is a good bit weaker than the taste, however.

The green teas used seem to be good quality, fairly rich, definitely taking a front seat flavor-wise, and are listed as Dragonwell and Hyson. The tea is advertised as "tropical", with orange peel, lemon (verbena) and pineapple flavoring as ingredients, and it's listed here as a "fruit green tea", which makes sense given the stated ordering of ingredients. You probably could quaff this beverage while lying in a beach hammock, under a tiki hut, without feeling out of sorts. However, I found it at least a little more floral than fruity. Given that the two floral ingredients are jasmine and marigold (two strong flowers, both of which are readily visible in the pyramid sachet), and only a couple small pieces of dried fruit were evident, that makes sense. Most of my sniffs, sips and chugs came across the senses in this rank, by strength: 1) green tea, 2) floral, 3) fruit. So if that combination appeals to you, this tea probably will satisfy the palette (and olfactory passages). Though I haven't had many of this specific sort, I bet there are several better ones out there, although this one is decent.

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