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I wasn't feeling well lately. I think I may have caught the flu, which has been going around. I tried a remedy of tea and herbs that often helps me, but it wore of quickly. So, I felt the urge to try some of this white tea, because I remember something I was told by someone regarding white tea being considered medicine at a certain point. For 5g of tea, in a 110ml gaiwan, I brewed water at 90ÂșC, rinsed for 5 seconds, then brewed for 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45... I did a full brewing session of it, and I actually felt a lot better after. I continued on today, repeating this (the first session I did yesterday). I had better results with Nightlife than Old Whitey (I tried both). What surprised me the most was how well Nightlife aged. It used to be really, really caffeinated. But, after aging it for a while, it became a lot more mellow. The fruity notes seemed even a bit stronger. The medicinal effect was very, very welcome. I never would've suspected that white tea could have such medicinal properties. I'd been using elderberry supplements and sticking to other remedies. This is definitely the kind of thing to add to my toolbox for when the flu comes around.

(Note: The "flu" I mention was mostly in my head/sinuses, and the most strong symptom was an unbelievable amount of fatigue. I also had some sinus pressure, clogged ears, and headaches, which are uncommon for me. There was some throat congestion and nasal congestion, but it was mild. Having this white tea did help me, which makes sense, given I read that white tea has anti-viral properties. I would not recommend taking white tea if you have a sensitive stomach or are feeling nauseous, because it is caffeinated and can upset the stomach. Herbal ginger tea is better in those instances, in my experience.)

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