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A Fruit White Tea from Touch Organic - O Organic

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Brand:Touch Organic
Style:Fruit White Tea
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I don't normally buy flavored white teas because the flavorings tend to overpower the tea, but I really like passionfruit and decided to give this one a try. Unfortunately, this tea was no exception. The flavor of this tea is straight-up passionfruit. That said, this tea is really tasty. The passionfruit flavor is strong and fruity without being acid and I'd love this flavor in an uncaffeinated herbal tea. There's just not much else to say. That's kind of a shame, because I've had Touch Organic's unflavored white tea and it's quite good. It's hard to tell exactly what they use because it's chopped up in the teabags, but there are enough of the floral and melon flavors of silver needle teas that it's probably a decent bai mudan/white peony. You wouldn't know from the passionfruit-flavored version, though. It's just passionfruit.

Touch Organic's teabags are individually wrapped, but not sealed. After opening the shrink wrap, you'll probably want to transfer the teabags to an airtight container. Touch Organic teas are high quality for the price, being around $3 for 20 bags or $8 if you buy one of the "cube" boxes of 100. This particular tea gets a knock on value just because what is probably good-quality tea is masked by the strong fruit flavoring.

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