Review of Organic Rose Hips with Hibiscus

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As teas from outfits like Traditional Medicinals go, this one is remarkably simple. It has just these two basic ingredients, rose hips and hibiscus, that form the core of countless fruit- and berry-flavored herbal blends offered by many companies.

As a combination, it seems very well-balanced. There's not much dry-bag aroma—faintly floral, of course—but the flavor comes alive much better, with a definite berry-like, slightly rosy taste, as one would expect from such a blend. Unlike a few pure rose-hip teas I've tried, it didn't present much sourness, at least not until late in the aftertaste and on the back of the tongue. I suspect the blendmasters at TM did a good deal of experimenting here to find the right weight of the two ingredients, and the right plucking stage of the rose hips, in order to avoid overt, excessive sourness, and it worked. Overall, it was a pleasant, drinkable beverage. That aftertaste was somewhat difficult to shed, much like a mosquito that keeps following you around the yard, so be prepared to sip something else or swish some mouthwash when done with the tea.

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