Review of Sleepytime Throat Tamer™ Wellness Tea

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Strangely, I found this much more aromatic, flavorful and overall pleasant to drink than the seemingly similar "just" Sleepytime. That's probably because it has more stuff that is flavorful and aromatic on the ingredients list.

The common components between the two blends are chamomile, spearmint and lemongrass, but this formulation also includes licorice, ginger, tilia flowers, and some part of a native American elm tree called slippery elm. It also has the deep, secret, mystery ingredient you'll often see in food products, commonly known as "other natural flavors". The entire pile seems to balance out the spearmint better than in Sleepytime, and renders a whole that tastes much unlike most of its individual parts, in a positive way. It has an identity unto itself, which is uncommon in many herbal blends that are designed to taste like something else. This tea also takes sweetener very well; indeed, sweetening smooths out most (not all) of the grassy, yard-clippings element that the dry-bag aroma exudes. Many "wellness" herbals taste like a randomized assortment of plant matter, shredded, dried, and blasted through a salad shooter into the packaging machines, with too little regard to drinkability. By contrast, the CS blenders paid good attention to tongue-friendliness here!

I shouldn't presume what this blend will or won't due for an irritated throat, since my throat has been fine every time I've had a cup so far. I'm chugging this because it's pretty good (rather unusual for a "wellness tea"), regardless of any medicinal properties. If it soothes the throat noticeably next time mine is sore, I'll report back.

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