Tea: Bengal Spice Herbal Tea

An Herbal Tea from Celestial Seasonings

Picture of Bengal Spice Herbal Tea
Brand:Celestial Seasonings
Style:Herbal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Bengal Spice Herbal Tea

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i love chai, but i'm trying to cut down the caffiene (decaf just makes me feel cheated, somehow) so i decided to try this herbal "interpretation" of chai. i wasn't expecting much- despite the picture of a tiger on the box i expected this tea to be kind of tame. but curiosity won out, and i made my first cup last night. i was VERY pleasantly surprised! it smells wonderful, for the first thing. the spices are so strong, it has that cinnamon heat going... not for the faint of heart! i adore it already. i don't miss the caffiene at all!

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